3″ Drop Point & 6″ Bowie Piggyback Combo



  • 3″ Drop Point and 6″ Bowie Blade
  • Piggyback Combo
  • Carbon Steel
  • Handmade Knives
  • Includes Handmade Leather Scabbard




Product Description:
The knife and the scabbard are completely hand-made in the USA. No jigs or templates were used in its manufacture. These knives have been field tested with amazing results. The Ken Richardson family has been producing knives for almost 40 years. We see them as functional Art and you will too.

Blade Length: 6 inch Bowie and 3 inch Drop Point

Blade Material: Our knives are made of 1085 Blue Tempered Spring Steel. This is 0.85% carbon. (.094″ and .062″ thick) The high carbon allows for edge holding ability at a low temper making sharpening easy with a stone, steel, or ceramic stick. The blade can rust so it must be kept lightly oiled or cleaned to protect when stored either in or out of the scabbard.

Handle: Shed Whitetail, Mule Deer or Elk Antler.

Scabbard: The scabbard is 11 oz. American cowhide. The leather is tanned by Herman Oak in St. Louis, Mo. to assure there is no salt water or ocean water used in tanning which leaves salt in the leather, which would rust the knife.